Tell your baby's story...

You spend 9 month preparing for the arrival of your little one, and all too soon that sweet bundle of joy is here. The moments are fleeting, and you don't want to miss a single second. As a mother of 6, I know that having a baby means you'll be putting your heart and soul into the arrival of your precious little one. Let me worry about capturing those raw moments of support, the first time you lay eyes on that sweet baby of yours, and those special minutes you'll want to remember forever. You and your partner can be present in the moment, not capturing it. That's my job, to capture the sacredness of your story in an unobtrusive way possible.

  • Why hire a birth photographer? Birth is a whirlwind of fleeting moments. Many moms have few concrete tangible memories of the event. Hiring a birth photographer allows you to reflect back on the small and big moments.
  • Does my doctor allow birth photography? In the 8 years I have been photographing births, I have never had a problem. I always encourage my clients to check with their provider and hospital, and assure them that I do my very best to not include them in photos without their permission. Most doctors and nurses are welcome and accepting of my presence.
  • What if you can't make my delivery? I take special care to only accept due dates within a certain time frame. While I am on call with you, I do not go on vacation, and make sure all clients schedule understand I may need to re-schedule with them. If there ever were a circumstance or emergency where I could not attend, I do have back-up photographers. I will remain on call with you from 38 weeks through delivery. That means if you call me at 3am, I will be ready with camera in hand! If for whatever reason myself or my back up can't make it (in case your labor is just fast!) then I will arrive and document your unpredictable birth from that point, and come back for a Fresh 48 session to ensure you have beautiful images for your day.
  • When do you come? How long do you stay? I will remain with you from active labor to 1-2 hours after delivery. Active labor is roughly 5-6cm or when your contractions are showing a consistent pattern, 2-3 minutes apart. We will stay in contact before your labor so we can decide the right time for me to join you. If you are delivering more than an hour away, I may come a bit earlier but I can always find something local to do until your ready for me to begin documenting your story. After baby is delivered and all the big moments occur (weighing, etc) I will leave to give you some privacy and bonding time with your baby.
  • How do I receive my images? You'll receive your images in a gallery that you can share with family and friends (or not!) and download all your images. Your story includes a print release so you can create product and print your images at your leisure. You'll receive anywhere from 50-200 images depending on the length of your labor and what you want documented. I will make every effort to get a few images to you in a timely manner to announce your birth.
  • Do you share my images? Your privacy is the upmost important thing to me, If you do not want your images shared, I will not share them.


"As I began preparing for the birth to our son, I convinced my husband that we absolutely needed a birth photographer/videographer. Having Brittany document our son’s birth was hands down one of the best decisions we made surrounding his entire birth. From the beginning, Brittany made genuine effort to connect with me and checked in throughout my pregnancy to see how things were going. Her love of motherhood and children was apparent throughout her dedication to our birth. Throughout my labor I never even noticed Brittany was there—she was truly part of of our birth team and fit in perfectly. I was amazed at how quickly she provided a sneak peek of our birth and then how quickly we received all of the photos and video. Brittany’s work is superb! Our birth photos are gorgeous and the lighting, angels and moments were all perfectly captured. Our birth video still amazes me and I watch it all of the time. I cannot recommend Brittany enough as a birth photographer. Documenting your child’s birth is something you will always cherish!"
                                                                                                                                                                            - Elizabeth R.


Your birth story is an investment worth making.

                                   Photography only, $1099

                                   Photography and Film, $1299

                                   Film only, $799